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The science without religion is atrophied. Religion without science is blind. ( Albert Einstein )
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    Structure of the organizational binary force of the Universe. Part II.

    Quantum Electrodynamics
    Structure of the Direct Current

    ( The photon structure = God’s throne structure and his court )


    Section 1: The structure of Direct Current
    Section 2: Structure of the Hadron ( Disintegration of the hadron )
    Section 3: The structure of the Photon
    Section 4: Electronic process to built a photon
    Section 5: Electronic process to disintegrate a photon
    Section 6: The photons storing
    Section 7: Interactions of the hadrons
    Section 8: The Atom


    Section 1


    The structure of direct current

    The material is constituted by an atom which is formed by four particles: proton, neutron, electron and photon. The photon represents the unit of electromagnetic radiation.
    The photon is the unit of direct current in particle shape.

    Even the photon is a free particle that lives jumping between atoms must be considered as part of the atom. The photons with its jumping work like separators of the electrons of the atoms inside the molecule, don’t let the electrons collision.

    The proton, the electron and the photon are stable particles but could be disintegrated by collisions, while the neutron could be disintegrated spontaneously; that spontaneously disintegration gets the name of “beta emission” from where a proton and a neutron are created and the neutrino is separated (in this case, an antineutrino).

    A cycle of the direct current it’s equal to four cycles of the alternating current. The resultant of the direct current (in star of eight points shape) is equal to four resultants of the alternating current (resultants in star of six points shape). The four living creatures (Ap. 4:6-8) around YHVH’s throne, having each living creature six wings and twenty-four eyes, are symbols of the resultants with their magnetic spectrums of the four cycles of the alternating current.

    Structure of a cycle of alternating current

               The four living creatures                                             Celtic cross       


    And the four living creatures had each                           The Celtic cross is so antique as the
    one six wings, and around and inside them                  pyramids, in it is represented a cycle
    were full of eyes… (Ap. 4:8)                                               of the direct current.

    One of the meanings of the mystery contained in the five little balls squared in the vertical axis of the tall cross says that five are the steps in the transformation of the alternating current to direct current. Four of the little balls correspond to the four cycles of the alternating current and the fifth little ball (in center) corresponds with the leap of the four cycles of said current compressed in only one package.

    The lead of the stored four cycles of alternating current are called cycle of direct current, is like the shot of a spring of four compressed spirals that carries in its interior a potential energy stored; this is dynamic energy that transports stored potential energy.

    Package of four waves, in compressed spring

    To the energy contained and transported in the storage of the four cycles of alternating current we could call it “a bunch of energy”. The terrestrial scientists call “bunch” to the photon, which is a particle that transports an electric and magnetic field. The photovoltaic cells that catch the light particles (photons) radiated by the Sun transfer the energy of this to the accumulator in direct current form.  It could be said that the direct current is the spirit or essence of the photon and that said spirit is constituted by four units of alternating current. As two witnesses have the candelabrum of God, as well two volts DC produces a photovoltaic cell.

    The photon
    (Wave – Particle)

    I insist: The photon it’s a manifestation of the stored electromagnetic waves forming a particle, which is defined as “quantum field”, is to say, a field that takes the particle shape. This is constituted by four basic sub particles which the terrestrial scientists call quarks.

    Symbolic representation of the four types of quarks
    (The four living creatures)

    These four particles constitute the plasma, ether or Chi of Chinese philosophy, substance present in the entire Universe from where the Blessed creates photons, protons, neutrons and electrons, which are the constitutive parts of the atoms. The atoms are the construction blocks of the material. When the material of the known physical level is dissolved until its minimum expression only stay these four particles. It’s repeated that we are talking about the material of the known physical level, not of the material belonging to other dimensional levels. There are 25 dimensional levels, where the light moves in different speeds.

    The photon and the anti photon

    Durgatiparisodhana mandala
    (Structure of photon)


    Mahavairocana mandala
      (Structure of anti photon)


    The graviton is the axis of the photon, while the anti graviton is the axis of the anti photon. In the photon are four neutrinos. As four mesons are contained in the photon, four anti mesons are contained in the anti photon. Observe, in the figures, that the 24 sub particles correspondent to the magnetic field of the photon are surrounded by the mesons package; while the 24 sub particles correspondent to the anti photon field are packed in the interior of the package of anti mesons.

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    Section 2



    Structure of the hadron

    The hadron is the resultant of a cycle of alternating current in sub particles shape organized symmetrically. In last request, it could be say that the alternating current is constituted by the flux of quarks.


    1 Cycle AC


    An hadron = 1/2 electron = 1 cycle AC

    Resultant of the alternating current



    The condensator

    A condensator is a device that is able to store energy in a magnetic field form. This is formed by two parallels metallic plaques ( mostly aluminum )  separated by a dielectrical plaque.

    Schemes of the condensator structure
    ( Law of the Octaves is an hologram )

    A hadron stored in a condesator
    Flux of quarks in a condesator

    Electronic process to disintegrate
    an hadron in the condensator

    ( An hadron = ½ electron = 1 cycle AC )

    Graphics of sequence













    Hadron desintegrated


    Image zoom

    Flux of quarks in a condensator

    Application: Laser of neutrinos to crash fotons in a cosmic nave engine.

    Note: To build a hadron reverse the process



    Scheme of four condensators in a cross
    ( The four living creatures )


    The hadron can be stored in condensator

    Four hadrons stored
    In four condensor


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    Section 3



    Structure of the photon

    The ones that have ear to hear, listen and the ones that  have understanding to understand, understand : In the structure of the photon is find the answer to the unification of gravity and electromagnetism. This enunciate create the base to transform electromagnetic force into  gravitational force.

    The Bible says that : “God is light “ ( The light is compose by photons ). Then in the God` s throne structure and his court, we can see the structure of the photon.  

    Durgatiparisodhana Mandala
    ( Scheme of the photon structure )

    The most important scientific event of the beginning of this XXI century, is in this website, when it’s shown that Durgatiparisodhana mandala (Tibetan figure of extraterrestrial origin), besides of being one of the anciest figures that represents the structure of the cosmic code, also represents the structure of the photon, which is the electromagnetic energy unit with a particle shape. Here is shown that the photon is formed by four hadrons plus one graviton contained into one only package. The hadron (takes David’s Star shape) is formed by the packing of one baryon plus one anti-baryon plus one meson. Baryon is formed by threequarks, the anti-baryon is formed by three anti-quarks; and the meson is formed by one quark plus one anti-quark plus one neutrino.

    If the photon gets disintegrated, taking it to its minimum expression, it will be shown that the following number of sub-particles will be liberated: 1 graviton (colorless) + 4 neutrinos (red color) + 16 quarks (green color) + 16 anti-quarks (blue color) = 37 sub-particles.

    Two are ways that the photon can be disintegrated: 1- Through an electromagnetic process ( See animated figures about the electromagnetic process of the formation and disintegration of the photon ) ; 2- Through a bombardment of its nucleon with quark neutrinos of nigh energy.

    Application: Engine of cosmic nave. Electronic microscope of quarks Laser of quarks.    

    Distribution and positions of the quarks in the interior of the photon

    Components and resultants of the direct current contained in a photon   




    4 baryons + 4 mesons + 4 anti baryons = 12


    Photon disintegrated through an electromagnetic process
    (  Hadrons disintegration sequence: 4-3-2-1 )

    Photon disintegrated

    Photon disintegrated


    Is a photon is disintegrated, the baryons, mesons and anti baryons that constitutes
    it get organized, automatically, in hadrons, leaving free the graviton.

               _____________1 Cycle of Direct Current_____________                         



    Next animated schemes of the transformation from alternating current to direct current.


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    Section 4



    Electronic process to built a photon
    ( Transformation of the alternating current to direct current )

    The photon
    (Wave – Particle)

    Four cycles of alternating current = One cycle of direct current

    NOTE: Here it is the mystery contained in the Celtic cross unveiled.

    Observe in the animated figure that the four feminine points of the generator act, in sequential form, as four little centrifugal bombs, where each cycle (360° rotate) of the impeller of each bomb, in its moment, suctions 9 sub particles from the universal plasma (ocean of quarks) and bombs them organized and transformed into an hadron. It can be said that each feminine point of the generator, in its moment, gestates and stops a hadron and then stores it in its correspondent place. The four stored hadrons, at the end are attracted by the graviton (to the center of the generator) and fuse in it forming a photon. The graviton is the king sub particle inside the photon.

    We have seen that in the creation of the photon through the direct current generator, the sub particles that must be fused with the graviton penetrate by the periphery of the apparatus and come out organized through the center of the same as a golf ball that jumps. It could be say that the photon is like an alternating current egg, that’s why allows its storage into an accumulator, for been used later, making it be like an inverter that unrolls it transforming it into four alternating current cycles.


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    Section 5



    Electronic process to disintegrate a photon
    ( Transformation of the direct current to alternating current )

    Going back in the process of the formation of the photon (unit of direct current), this could be unrolled in four units of alternating current, leaving free a graviton. Applying this knowledge to the electric functioning in the interior of genome. The genome is the biological computer that directs the development of the individual inside the egg or seed.

    In the next animated figure we’ll see the proceeding of how an inverter apparatus from direct current to alternating current takes a photon and unrolls it in four cycles of alternating current.

    In here, the photon comes in by the center of the inverter and it’s disintegrated. We can watch that in the disintegration of the photon, its four hadrons are disintegrated like a sequence 4,3,2,1 by the periphery of the inverter apparatus, and at the end the graviton gets free by the center of said apparatus. From this we could say that can be produced a bunch of repellent gravitons in the center of the inverter. If we manufacture a laser of gravitons or anti gravitons, it could be applied to any object and it will alter its graviton structure. The saturation of a material by gravitons or anti gravitons could make that the gravitational field of the Earth attracts or repels it.

    Disintegrating the photon

    Photon disintegrated


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    Section 6



    Photons storing
    Cosmic code in a battery of 24 VDC

    ( Vishnu Mandala )

    12 cells in serial, each one 2 Volts Direct Current


    On the east three gates; on the north three gates;
     on the south three gates;  and  on the west three gates. ( Rev. 21: 13 )


    Battery of 24 VDC

    Note : If the photon is used as an explosive, one simple
     battery is  enough to keep on a photons engine.

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    Section 7



    Interaction of the hadrons

    The atom considered as the basic block of the material is constituted by four particles: proton, neutron, electron and photon. And each of these particles is constituted by the package of hadrons. For example, the electron is constituted by two hadrons and the photon by four hadrons. As each particle is constituted by the package of hadrons and there’s only a basic hadron, then we will consider to each one as only one hadron in different energetic levels; this is like it were a being called hadron that also gets feed of hadrons and that haves different sizes depending of its age and its always called hadron. This means that the electron is a hadron; the photon is a hadron, the proton is a hadron and the neutron is a hadron too.

    Next, organization in ascendant form of the four basic particles that constitutes the atom, according to their energetic level.


    Electron, Photon, Proton and Neutron.


    NOTE: Even the photon is a free particle that lives jumping between atoms must be considered as part of the atom. The photons with its jumping work like separators of the electrons of the atoms inside the molecule, don’t let the electrons collision.

    Particles and sub-particles that forms the atom



    Mass ( A.M.U )

     Relative charge
































    A.M.U. = Atomic Mass Unit = 1/12 of carbon 12 atomic mass

    The Matrix-S

    In the table of the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching (table of the matrixes) is the answer to the quantum language, where each hexagram is related with the resultant of one cycle of alternating current which is manifested in form of particle that the terrestrial scientists call hadron, which is the unit of the basic organized sub particles in the structure of the material. In it is the answer to the Matrix-S searched by terrestrial scientists, which is the collection of probabilities for all the possible reactions of the hadron ordinate in series.

    God expresses Himself in the structure of the material in hadron language. It could be said that the table of the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching are hadron dictionary of the material language of God, dictionary of 64 quantum words expressed in hadrons.

    The Matrix-S or “Dispersion Matrix” refers to the processes of collisions or disintegrations of particles like the proton, neutron, electron and the photon. For example, the collision of high energy (high speed) between two protons, makes that these two get disintegrated just a moment in: baryons, anti baryons and mesons, and this group of sub particles almost immediately get organized in hadrons. This shows that the hadron is the basic structure of the material. The union of the sub particles (quarks) that constitutes the material is extremely strong; in this union are stored a great energy. As two witnesses has the candelabrum of God, as well two are ways that the hadron can be disintegrated: 1. Through an electromagnetic process ( See the animated figure about the electromagnetic process of the disintegration of the hadron ); 2. Through a bombardment of its nucleon with quark neutrinos of high energy.

    \Next, the table of 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching (hadron matrixes table) superimposed to its correspondent colored binary table related to the hadrons’ dynamic of colors.

    NOTE: In the subject of “The structure of the mind of God. Part II” is explained the proceeding of the formation of the 64 hexagrams and its binary table of colors.


    Table of the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching
    ( Matrix 8x8 )


    Components and principal resultant of the table of hadrons



    The table of the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching
    In tridimensional shape

    Cube 8 x 8 x 8 = 512 litles cubes

    24 plain parallels squares organized into three groups of eight, that get cut perpendicular among themselves, they conform the figure here shown.

    The I Ching's Board conforms a square map 8x8, divided in 64 little squares, where each little square have engravings 6 bits. If we multiplied for eight this board, that is 8x8x8 becomes a cube divided in 512 little cubes; As each little cube is conformed by 6 faces each one recorded with 6 bits, then we have : 6 faces/cube x 6 bits/cube= 36 bits/cube. Now 512 cubes x 36 bits cube = 18432 bits. Relating this to Mahavairocana's mandala we have that 36 human figures surrounding Mahavairocana. 24 petals organized in 3 groups of 8 surrounding Mahavairocana. ( see figure in the Home )

    We have seen that with the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching Board its possible to form a tridimensional cube-shaped perfect figure conformed by 512 little cubes. Now if we take as reference a side of the cube to form a 8 x 8 plane would have that this plane  will get divided in 64 squares where each square in time will be divided in 64 little squares. If we want to form a tridimensional figure based of this plane, we will have a great perfect cube of dimensions 8x8x8 containing inside 512 cubes and each cube containing 512 small cubes.  Repeating this process indefinite times we always will obtain a final cube-shaped perfect figure. In conclusion it can be said:  This is a hologram whose basic unit of the interwoven is a small cube obtained from the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching.

    Apply this to the structures of chips and to the hadron's structures interface.

    Note : The binary organizational force of the Universe moves  itself in Hologram shape , this is holomovement.

    Quantum Chrome-music-dynamic

    In the atom, as the electron as well the photon, proton and neutron, correspond it, in an individual way, a junction of binary combination of musical notes. It could be said that all atom sings in chorus its own song; as biggest the atom is biggest is the musical chorus of particles. All this proves that the sound or the word can affect the material.

    These voluntary ignore that in the antique time they were made by the word of God in the skies, and also in earth, that comes from the water (Quark Ocean) and by the water subsists. (2P. 3:5)

    Next, a harmonious table of the different possible binary combinations of the colors and musical notes, related to the different energetic levels of the hadron.

    NOTE: Observe that each hexagram of the table of matrixes is represented by three types of binary combinations: mathematic, colors, music. 

    To finish with the subject of Quantum Electrodynamics, we’ll say that the Universe is constituted by electrical energy condensed in material and this last one is constituted by atoms which components are: proton, neutron, electron and photon, which have for base the hadron. The force that maintains united the quarks inside the hadron is so potent that if an atom is disintegrated and took to its minimum expression, it will be found that the protons, electrons, neutrons and photons end reduced in hadrons leaving free the gravitons. But even the strong union of the quarks contained inside the hadron, it’s possible its disintegration. If a neutrino of high energy crashes with the nucleon of the hadron, the hadron will divide in three: a baryon plus an anti baryon plus a meson.



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    Section 8



    The Atom

    Niels Bohr Model
    Of the three basic orbits of an atom


    NOTE: Niels Bohr didn’t notice that the orbits, contained in the electromagnetic field for other kind of atom different of the model he shows, twist in the poles of the same.

                                         A group of three orbit                  Electron Trayectory in an orbit

    The magnetic field of an Aton contains 12 orbits organized in 4 groups of three (Apocalypses 21:12, 13) oriented as shown in the following figures.


    It’s important to know that the twelve magnetic orbits converge and twist in the poles of the particle. Also is important to know that exist a tunnel that crosses from pole to pole the atom’s nucleon; through this tunnel transit the electrons in its move around the nucleon.

    As the 12 magnetic orbits twist and divide in the poles of the particle, we can say that the magnetic field of all particle has 24 orbits instead of 12 (12 negative orbits divided in four groups of three + 12 positive orbits divided in four groups of three).

    Four magnetics fields

    Real trayectory of a magnetic field

    Four magnetics fields

    Cut of the four magnetics fields looked in plant










    The magnetic fields of an atom act in alternate way. When the negative field of 12 orbits gets out, the electrons related to it, in that moment are occult transiting with twister moves in the interior of the atom’s nucleon; while the electrons correspondent to the positive magnetic field (of twelve orbits) are out, and vice versa.

    Magnetic fields of the atom in activity

    Positions of the four groups of three orbits correspondent to the positive magnetic field of an atom. (Four electrons of the same sign related with twelve orbits).


    All this information will let to the terrestrial scientist to predict the position of an electron in its movement around the atom’s nucleon.


    Comparison of positions of magnetic band (orbits)
    in the atom and photon fields

                    The atom                                          The photon   


     These two figures represents the basic supra-physic unit of the hologram’s interweaved that constitutes the Universe.  Here it is in these two figures the answers to the fundamental symmetry in Physics of particles searched by the terrestrial scientists.

    ¡Oh, how glory is YHVH, Emperor of the Universe, that makes fulfill the word of his dearest son Shiloh (Mt. 17:11) that says: “to the truth  E-li'jah comes first and will restore all the things”, here it is that YHVH through its servant Orifiel E-li'jah has unveiled and restored the lost knowledge!



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