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    Who are we?


    The Church Efrain to God (Scientific-Christian Church) and the International Elijah Foundation have been founded with the finality of serving as a spiritual refuge for those who respond to the call of the voice of the seventh angel; voice which is contained in the trilogy of books titled:  “The man, Embryo of Angel”, “Tunnels in the Universe, doors of heavens” and “The World Empire of the Prophecy”, where is contained the sermon of the Eternal Evangelic.


    NOTE: Our logo has been designed in base of symbolic elements that represents the structure of the cosmic code.


    The Tabernacle of YHVH = Cosmic Code

    Elements of our logo related with the Tabernacle
    The Tabernacle… is figure and shadow of celestial things (Romans 8:5)
    Three squares: Atrium, Holy Place, Blessed Place
    Two olives: fire altar, water fountain
    David’s Star: Candelabrum of seven lamps
    24 stars of five points: 12 Tribes + 12 breads proposition
    Four Cardinal Points: North, West, South, East

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    Guías para el mundo

    Así como cuatro seres vivientes ( león, becerro, hombre, águila ) rodean al trono de Dios, así mismo en cuatro de los miembros del Consejo de Vigilantes del  Altísimo ( Dn. 4:17 ), encarnados aquí en la Tierra, descansa la responsabilidad de velar que esta sabiduría escrita en la trilogía de libros aquí  mencionada, llegue a la humanidad. Estos vigilantes toman los nombres terrestres de:

    Ing. Gaetano Herrera P.
    Profesora Linda M. Scott de Herrera
    Dr. Rafael Wílamo Ortiz
    Elías ( Testigo presencial de la existencia de YHVH )




    Listado de nuestros misioneros autorizados

    Estados Unidos de América:
    Rv. Chaplains Emilio Bladimil Estrella P.

    República Dominicana:
    Rv. Dr. Nelson Wilfredo Estrella P.
    Rv. Lic. José Francisco Peña D.
    Rv. Ing. Rafael Humberto Bell Viguri
    Rv. Dra. Aurelia Argentina Suero L.






    Place of the Church Efrain to God
    in the structure of the world government
    in the thousand years of peace

    Every Creature conforms one only being with the Universe. The Universe is a hologram created by AELOHIM God through YHVH. This hologram is conformed by millions of parts interconnected between them, where each part is a living creature and behaves like a mirror, where could be seen reflected the image of the central active force that gives life to the Universe. The structure of this active force is symbolized by the candelabrum and the two witnesses, known symbol and understood by all the advanced humanities that exist in the Universe.

    What is a hologram? Dennis Gabor received a Nobel Prize   in 1971 by the formation of the first hologram. It was a photography captured without objective in which get registered a wave of disperse light field by an object, in a ruled interference way over a transparent photographic plate. When the hologram or photographic register is situated in a beam of laser or coherent light, the original wave gets regenerated to form a tridimensional image. Each piece of the hologram is an exact representation and will reconstruct the complete image.

    The command center of all creature of the Universe is designed in base of the principle of the candelabrum’s structure and the two witnesses, which is a representation of the structure of YHVH’s Throne and His Court. YHVH’s Throne and His Court is the command center of the Universe.

    The man is a creature of the Universe and is a piece of the hologram too that conforms the whole; its command center is also designed in base of the structure of the candelabrum and the two witnesses.

    The brain-spine system is the command center of the human body. As the candelabrum has two witnesses, having each witness twelve fruits, the brain of the man is divided in two hemispheres and from each hemispheres emerge twelve cranial nerves.

    The Earth is a creature of the Universe too that is part of the great hologram, is a creature in a perfection process. The perfection of the Earth will be obtained when all the human beings take conscience of that they are sparkles of a same planetary spirit and get unified in a brotherhood under a same command center structured under the principle of the candelabrum and the two witnesses. The humanity has written in its subconscious the formation of this structure of world government, for this reason we see that a spiritual force impulses to form it through the Group of Seven, the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, where the G7 represents the candelabrum and the UN and the NATO the two witnesses. But the one who really has the responsibility from God of forming this central kingdom that has to govern the world is Michael the Great Prince, kingdom destined to be installed with the survivors of the Armageddon, in the times of the thousand years of peace prophesized to the Earth.

    Christ (Holy Spirit) through Michael, the angel of the pact (Mal. 3:1-2) is the one who will govern in the Kingdom. Explanation: The name of Jesus Christ, in heaven, is Michael, which means “who as God”.

    Christ (the Almighty) is who has the power to govern to all creatures in the Universe. The Bible in Col. 3:11 says: “Christ is the everything and in everyone”.

    When the kingdom of God be finished and perfected, will become in a finished creature, which will act as a harmonious piece inside the hologram that conforms the Universe; piece in which command center could be seen reflected the image of the structure of the active central force that gives life to the Universe. Then could be said: “The Earth was a chaos of nations and the Holy Spirit (organizational active force of the Universe) through Jesus Christ and his two witnesses unified and organized it into one only peaceful and harmonious kingdom that respects the order in the Universe”.

    Here is unveiled the mystery of the reason, contained in the Bible, through which Abraham with his two sons: Ishmael (with 12 sons of gentile blood) and Jacob (with 12 sons) God proposed himself to structure a brain kingdom that should be the command center of all the kingdoms in the earth. The twelve sons of Ishmael as the twelve apostils of the Lamb; in the Kingdom, the twelve apostils occupy a position of the twelve sons of Ishmael.

    Abraham brain of the world

    Final structure of the brain kingdom of the world


    ¡Listen Judah and Ishmael (Arab people): In Abraham as the Israel’s people and the Arab people are destined to be part of the brain kingdom! Also the descendants of the sons that Abraham had with Cetura (a gentile) must be counted in the kingdom; these last with the gentile people must be counted as sons of Ishmael. Remember that in that time (Mt. 3:9) I said that God can lift sons to Abraham even from under the stones.

    See mystery revealed to Paul the Apostle
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    Ishmael’s stick is the same stick of Joseph that is in Efrain’s hands. The brain kingdom will be constituted by Judah’s stick and Joseph’s stick (Ishmael’s stick) united in one only stick.

    When Our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah) come, will make that the Judah’s stick and Joseph’s stick that it’s in Efrain’s hands (Ez. 37:1, 27) be an only stick in his hand.

    Jerusalem is destined to be the capital of the kingdom that should be world’s brain which two hemispheres will be Judah and Efrain (Ishmael and the gentile people). Is design of YHVH that Jerusalem be capital both for the Jewish people and the Arab people.

    When the Messiah comes, the Judaism and Islamism will be unified through the Christianity.

    The Christianity is the God’s Temple door and its two columns are the Judaism and Islamism. The Judaism id the sun (the lion) and the Islamism is the moon. YHVH’s Tabernacle oriented to the raising of the sun (east) confirms that the Judaism is symbol of the sun.

    Is of great importance for humanity (to bring peace and brotherhood between men) to know that the world principal religions adore the same God (AELOHIM), even they call him with different names. That’s why we see that in each these religions, the structure of its mandalas point to a same God; that God that is in Jehovah, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl, Buda, Mahavairocana, Durgatiparisodhana and others.

    ¡Get reconciled Jacob (People of Israel) and Ishmael (Arab people) sons of Abraham!

    Listen Nations:

    Judah’s stick is already planted in the Middle East an I Orifiel Elias had bring in my hands Joseph’s stick and planted it, between you gentile people, as a pole of banner of the Church Efrain to God in the Door to the New World (Middle West).

    NOTE: Observe in YHVH’s Tabernacle that in the orientation of the tribes, the location of Judah corresponds to the East and the location of Efrain corresponds to the West.

    NOTE 2: In the book titled “The World Empire of the Prophecy” is deeply explained the reason of being of the Church Efrain for God.



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