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The science without religion is atrophied. Religion without science is blind. ( Albert Einstein )
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    Mind of God
    Part I.


    The computer

    The terrestrial man has decoded the structure of the mind of God (the cosmic code), that’s why he could constructed a computer and decode the genome. The genome is the biological computer through AELOHIM (the Holy Spirit) construes the individual inside of the egg. AELOHIM, through the genome, directs the development of the individual since the egg to the adult life.

    The chip of the computer

    The organizational binary force of the Universe could be canalized and managed through the computer’s chip which functions with direct current. At next, the schemes of the computer’s chip structure.

    As well as the organizational binary force of the Universe is masculine and feminine, there exists a transistor with positive base NPN (negative-positive-negative) and the transistor with negative base PNP (positive-negative-positive).

    In the figure of star shape of six points, we can see in its center, that the two bases of the two types of transistors are represented by two snakes, one positive and other negative snakes.


    Resultant of the alternating current

    The organizational binary force of the Universe contains a magnetic spectrum and an electric spectrum. To direct and manage the electric spectrum (resultant of the binary force) it’s needed a chip based in eight transistors organized in two groups of four; four transistors NPN and four transistors PNP.

    Electric Spectrum of the direct current

    The chip fulfils the octaves law. It’s a hologram; it could be constituted by millions of interconnected transistors, organized from eight to eight. Every eight transistors can direct and manage the creator spectrum of the binary force.


    God expresses Himself in the creation in a binary language through math, the colors and music. The genome’s language is binary. The computer’s language is binary.

    In the ancient obelisks its found represented the mathematic binary code. There is the male obelisk represented by a column and the female obelisk represented by two columns. Here is the answer to the mystery of the ancient obelisks.

    Mathematic Binary Code



    The Sacred Eight

    The eight numbers and colors are the resultant of the binary force.

    Who has a deep knowledge about computers know what an electronic calculator display is, which is constituted according to the law of the sacred eight or the octaves law.

    Display functioning: Assembling on a screen the sacred eight with seven little lamps as shown in the picture, and each lamp connected to an individual machine through which it could be turn on or off each of them as wished, we can form the ten digits that form the numbers from 0 to 9. Example: the 0 gets formed by turning off the lamp number seven; the 1 turning off the lamps one, two, five, six and seven; the 2, turning off the lamps one and four; the 3, turning off the lamps one and six; the 9, turning off the lamp number six. Its understood that turning off one or more lamps that form the sacred eight, the rest of the lamps are still on.




    What is the byte? The byte is an electric spectrum of the resultant of the direct current of the organizational active force of the Universe. Eight bits form a byte which is used to represent all kind of information including the digits from 0 to 9, the alphabet letters and symbols.

    What is the bit? The bit is related to the electric spectrum of the binary force and it’s defined as a unique pulse sent through a circuit. Also is defined as a point in the magnetic disc capable of store a 0 or a 1. The transistor controls the pass of the electric pulse.



    The Processor (CPU) is the command center of the computer, is the director of the orchestra. The structure of the active binary force is a hologram and it’s the essence of the processor.

    The heart of the CPU is contained in the chip, which is based in eight transistors, with the finality of manage the electric spectrum of eight pulses of the resultant of the organizational binary force of the Universe.

    The chip is a hologram and it’s formed by thousands and millions of transistors, where every eight transistors are equivalent to a microchip with which could be managed the electric spectrum of the resultant of the binary creator force. In each group of eight transistors is contained the image of the structure of God’s Throne and His Court, that is to say, in each microchip is contained the structure of the cosmic code.

    Because the electric spectrum of the resultant of the binary creator force is conformed by eight electric pulses, are needed eight transistors to manage said spectrum and form a letter from the alphabet. I’ve said that God’s language and the computer’s language are the same and that God speaks in a binary language, that is to say, a kind of Morse code where one point represents on (1) and to united points represents off (0); that is to say, like if God has one only eye that when is open it means on, and closed means off (0).

    Each letter shown in the screen of the computer is connected to a microchip of eight transistors that is localized in the RAM memory. The RAM memory of a computer is like a board full of switches where each group of eight switches corresponds to control and maintain the electric pulses that make the shape of the letter in the screen. Next, schemes of microchips forming capital letters from the alphabet.

    A B C

    The first eight condensers correspondent to the first eight transistors of the microchip don’t have load.



    In the second microchip, the first condenser don’t has load, the second has load. the following five don’t have load and the eighth is loaded.

    65               010000001              

    In the third microchip none of the eight condensers is loaded.



    In the fourth microchip the first condenser isn’t loaded, the second is loaded, the following four aren’t loaded, the seventh is loaded and the eighth isn’t loaded.


    66          01000010              


    A B C

    It’s important to know that the eight transistors with their respective condensers of each microchip are in the board of RAM memory and that the electric pulses that proceed from them, a dispositive related with the screen of the computer that transforms it into letters.


    I repeat the formation of the letters in the computer fulfils the law of octaves.


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