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The science without religion is atrophied. Religion without science is blind. ( Albert Einstein )
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    Structure of the organizational binary force of the Universe. Part I.


    Quantum Electrodynamics
    Structure of the Alternating Current

    ( The Holy Spirit structure = Structure of the alternating current )


    The cosmic code is manifested as the “Universal Law of the Only Design”. Mother Law, spine where rest all the laws of the Universe. Super law where the Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Religion get unified.

    Organizational Binary Force

    Cosmic Code
    Universal Law of the Only Design

    1. General Definition

    The image of the structure of the Holy Spirit of YHVH (the candelabrum and the two witnesses) maintains constant in the command center of all creature in the Universe, without importance of the shape of the creature or the dimensional level where it is; may be the creature an egg, a man, an atom, a planet, a galaxy, a computer, an electric motor, between others.

    2. Focalized Definition

    When the masculine and the feminine force that constitutes the organizational active force of the Universe are in one point, a whirlwind is formed over which this two forces change their direction and moves interlaced, chasing one to the other, in such way that the spectrum of each one (constituted by 12 sections) moves organizing in four groups of three, oriented according the four cardinal points (eight summarize this groups).

    At East three doors, at North three doors, at South three doors, at West three doors.                                                               (Apocalypses 21:13)


    Schemes of the binary force in action

    Masuline Foce

    Join Point

    Femenine Force

    Join Point

    Thus saith the Lord God: Spirit, come from the four winds, and breath

    … ( Ez . 37: 9 )
    Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind
    …( Job 38: 1 )  


    Observe that the two forces, when moving (twisting), form a magnetic tunnel. Here is the reason of being of the behavior of the DNA and the RNA, in its displacement inside the genome. This magnetic tunnel could be found in the interior of the atom, the interior of the stars and planets, as in the interior of the galaxies. This tunnel it’s constantly repeated inside of the hologram that constitute the Universe.

    When the two components (Jaquin, Boaz) of the organizational active force of the Universe are in one point (this point can be an atom, a planet, an electricity generator or other), change of direction and get interlaced forming a resultant that moves like a whirlwind perpendicular to the plane interception of said components. This resultant moves accompanied of the light and surrounded by a magnetic spectrum divided in twenty-four sections.



    Structure of the resultant of the binary force



    It’s of scientific and religious importance to know that AELOHIM (the Holy Spirit), organizational active binary force of the Universe, is energy and it’s manifested     as electromagnetic energy.

    The structure of the binary force and the structure of the electromagnetic force are the same. In the structure of the electromagnetic force is the answer to the structure of the Holy Spirit.

    In its work, the electromagnetic force can be manifested in two ways (rule of the two witnesses), in alternating current and continue current (direct current).

    Scheme of the structure alternating current  

     Scheme of the structure of direct current

    If you observe, with the property instrument, the pass of the alternating current through a lead, you will notice that this moves like a whirlwind, while its magnetic spectrum moves in an alternate way, from twelve to twelve, maintaining always the same position. Until the binary force moves twisting, its spectrum always maintains the same orientation.

    Performance of the alternating current

    Iching animado
                                    1/2 Cycle      1/2 Cycle     1/2 Cycle     1/2 Cycle

    This scheme represents the behavior of the alternating current flux through a conductive wire and the electromagnetic flux too in the interior of the particles, may be an atom, a star, a planet or a galaxy.

    Structure of the Direct Current

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